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Nicole Shair

Nicole Shair is a Texas A&M University graduate with a BA in English and a concentration in Journalism. She has been writing ever since she was a little girl and began her journalistic writing her junior year of high school as a reporter for Cy-Fair High School's "the Reporter". Since then, Nicole has worked as a reporter for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's "Island Waves" and Texas A&M University's "the Battalion" as well as she has interned with Insite Magazine in Bryan, Texas. Nicole plans to continue her journalism career through writing and reporting on social and environmental issues.

Historical Haunts: Three spooky spots where ghosts hang out in the Brazos Valley

What’s Halloween without a few ghost stories? From ghastly apparitions to unexplainable phenomena, the Brazos Valley is purportedly home to some of the most haunted locations in Texas. Some such examples include the hallowed halls of downtown Bryan’s LaSalle Hotel, the abandoned classrooms of Hearne’s Old Hearne High School, and the worn gravestones of Calvert’s ...

Strategic Moves: A look at modern tabletop gaming in Bryan College Station

Cards are shuffled and hands dealt. Two players sitting across from each other sneak glances over their cards in anticipation of their opponent’s first move. The silence is deafening and beads of sweat roll like the dice that determine who will go first. The tension builds as the first card hits the table. Despite the atmosphere, reminiscent of high-stakes poker games, these cards aren’t that of your average ...

Forgotten Past: The untold history of Calvert’s historic Hammond House

Beyond the railroad tracks, four blocks northeast from Calvert’s downtown Main Street, stands the Hammond House. The austere two-story structure was built in 1870 and looms large across from the First Baptist Church with its back to the Calvert Cemetery. It stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, with brick-red masonry, long vertical bay windows, and castle-like turrets that adorn the roof like ...

Here Come the Wieners!: Dog lovers come out in costume to support local animal nonprofit

“On your mark, get set, go!” shouts the referee for the annual Wienerspiel, one of College Station’s cutest and furriest events. A black and white terrier mix shoots out the metal gates, tongue flapping wildly, with a fluffy, white Akita and a gray-and-white merle mix right on their tail. The dogs run in, around, and between black lines. At the other end of the 70-foot carpeted track, owners egg on their beloved pets by waving squeakless squeaky toys and ratty ...

Feeling Bookish: These September celebrations offer plenty of good reasons to read

The act of reading is a gift that’s easy to take for granted for those who can. This month, we stop for a moment to focus on a few significant dates that highlight some of our favorite authors and books — and reading itself. Here you’ll find some of our staff favorites and perhaps you’ll discover something new! And isn’t that what reading is all about?

It’s Your Wedding Day: The Theatre Company of BCS stages The Wedding Singer: The Musical Comedy

Instead of being an ‘80s rock god, he’s a local wedding singer. Instead of living on his own, he crashes in his grandmother’s basement. And instead of being happily married, he was abandoned at the altar. But with a little help — and a lot of singing — Robbie’s life will be turned right-side up. This is the plot of the‘90s rom-com, The Wedding Singer, starring Adam Sandler, and later, the Tony-nominated musical, with music by Matthew Sklar and lyrics by ...

Diamonds and Emeralds and Sapphires — Oh my!: Brazos Valley jewelry designers share the latest engagement ring, wedding band trends

The engagement ring is a personal reflection of the person to whom it is given. For some, a simple, elegant gold band is more than enough. For others, a platinum, hand-crafted ring with a 2-karat emerald is the ring of their dreams. Just like every bride is unique, their tastes are just as unique. Engagement rings and wedding bands have been around for centuries, where they originally were used as a form of dowry for ...

Here Comes the Burro: Donkeys delivering drinks make the rounds for special occasions

“Are those donkeys?” wonder guests as they mingle during the cocktail hour following Mallory and Nick Redmond’s wedding. Yes, without a doubt, those are donkeys — beer burros, to be exact — domesticated donkeys who join weddings and other celebrations dressed in floral arrangements and saddles outfitted to help distribute drinks and laughs to guests. “I thought it would be a good way to be super unique and something that wasn’t at just any ...

Hospice Happening: A Roarin’ Good Time

Hospice Brazos Valley, the only community-owned nonprofit hospice in the Brazos Valley, kicks off the new decade with their annual fundraiser, Hospice Happening. Founded in Bryan in 1989, Hospice Brazos Valley was the first hospice established in the Brazos Valley and has since served thousands of patients with award-winning hospice care and grief support services, according to the Hospice Brazos Valley website. (Cont. on Pg. 82)
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